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Screen Phone

Telephone on a Workstation:

  • Workstation Telephony: Provide the ability to control all telephony operations from the workstation.
  • Screen Pop: Put up a user designed screen with caller information when call arrives at agent telephone.
  • Rules based call handling: Each user can define a set of rules for handling each call.
  • Call History: Track all calls which have arrived at the workstation.
  • Network Calling Database: Provide the ability to connect to the corporate customer database for caller information.
  • First or Third Party Call Control: Works with industry standard interfaces TAPI, CSA or TSAPI.

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ScreenPhone Information Window

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ScreenPhone Call History Record.

How it works

ScreenPhone™ runs on an individual user’s workstation. The telephone for each user is connected to the switch only to provide a voice path. The workstation is connected to the switch via TAPI, TSAPI or CallPath®. The ScreenPhone™ instructs the switch to place calls for the users telephone, connect calls to the user, retrieve voice mail, transfer callers, and, in general, perform all functions which once had to be provided by an expensive digital telephone.

Key Benefits

  • Remove the telephone from the desk. No more expensive digital sets.
  • Provide better customer service by providing all caller information when a call arrives at the user’s phone
  • Provide a log of all calls placed and received
  • Provide a workstation based interface to complicated Voice Mail Features
  • Provide a workstation based interface for call transfer, call conference and call hold
  • Provide a log of all calls placed and received
  • Supports up to 30 lines
  • Provide visual clue showing who is on what line

Download a copy of the ScreenPhone demonstration Movie

Click here to Download the Movie

For more information:

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