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Skills Based Call Routing Launched

Callers matched to Representative that can best handle the call

March 10, 1998 - ComTek International Inc, announced that an established call center has completed the implementation of a sophisticated "Skills Based" call routing system for their customers to reach the representative that has the best skills to meet the need of each caller.  The system called SBR™ was developed by ComTek.  ComTek is a Software development company that specializes in Telecommunications solutions. 

The system is designed to assign a skill value upon answering a series of questions in the integrated Interactive Voice Response system.  The call center management team establishes standards for performance for each skill and ranks their people accordingly.   The SBR system matches the skills and ranking which could have over 750 variables using a complex algorithm to identify a list of representative that are qualified to take the call.  Then the SBR™ system checks to see what reps are logged on, and "queues" the caller for the best skilled agents to take the call. The system is intelligent enough to back down the skill and ranking variables as time expires so that callers will not be left on hold indefinitely waiting for the perfect rep.

The reps have the ability to log onto different groups and even multiple groups through an SBR™ provided representative screen or window.  This window also allows reps to send local messages to other reps in the call center for questions, or information exchange while they are on a call!

"This system provides a significant advantage over our competitors, for handling customers", says the Director of Customer Service.  "For this reason, we would prefer to remain anonymous at this time".  The representatives now are taking calls that they enjoy answering, and no longer have to transfer callers to other representatives for resolution.

ComTek International, Inc. is a developer and integrator of comprehensive communications and data integration capabilities to meet the needs of today's complex business solutions. ComTek's expertise resides in the design, development, implementation, and support of distributed software to meet today's business requirements. ComTek has developed software or performed design consultation and project management services for several Fortune 500 companies in addition to providing solutions for smaller businesses. ComTek International, Inc. is a privately held corporation.

For More Information Contact:

ComTek International Inc.
1745 Shea Center Drive, Suite 400, Highlands Ranch, CO 80129
Tel: 720-344-4844
FAX: 303-470-7725
Internet: sales@comtek-intl.com

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