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Partnership to combine telephone functionality with computer desktop

for J.D. Edwards OneWorld™ users Joint Solution Increases Customer Service Agent Efficiency, Promotes Personalized Customer Service While Simultaneously Lowering Operational Costs


DENVER, May 6, 1999 ¾ Enterprise business software provider J.D. Edwards & Company (NASDAQ: JDEC) and ComTek International, Inc., an international provider of computer telephony solutions ComTek International Inc. today announced a partnership to provide Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) to J.D. Edwards customers. Computer Telephony Integration System (CTIS) integrates the users computer application, in this case the J.D. Edwards OneWorld application, with the users telephone The jointly developed telephony plug-in strengthens J.D. Edwards’ customer service management solution by automatically displaying customer information on service agent’s screens as service calls are received, thereby allowing more efficient call handling and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

"This partnership makes it possible for OneWorldŌ users to experience the benefits of CTI with minimum risk and maximum benefit," said Dan Oxender, managing director of ComTek. "The telephony functionality to be released with the J.D. Edwards’ next cumulative release of OneWorldB73.3.1 product release interfaces directly with the ComTek product lines, providing OneWorld users ‘"plug and play"’ CTI."

J.D. Edwards new "Telephony Plug In", jointly developed by ComTek and J.D. Edwards, provides a method to connect to telephony middleware. ComTek International, Inc. has adapted their telephony middleware to connect specifically to the J.D. Edwards "Telephony Plug In". Using ComTek’s telephony middleware, all J.D. Edwards OneWorld users are able to easily view caller information. All that is needed to telephony enable the new OneWorld release is the ComTek telephony middleware server or an interface to existing telephony middleware. Today, J.D. Edwards uses this joint solution in its Customer Service Management System (CSMS) call center.

 "The partnership with ComTek allows J.D. Edwards users to bridge phone system technology to the OneWorld technology applications. This powerful solution increases agent efficiency and promotes personalized customer service, while simultaneously lowering operational costs," said Jim Godsey, director of J.D. Edwards’ Product Alliances program. "ComTek provides a robust solution that is designed to increase customer satisfaction and streamline operations in the call center. We are very excited to offer the enhanced benefits of this computerized telephony system to our OneWorld customers."

About ComTek

Today, J.D. Edwards uses this joint solution in their Customer Service Management System (CSMS) call center. The "Telephony Plug In" solution, in conjunction with CSMS, allows more efficient call handling by providing call center agents with real-time information about their customers.

Based in Denver, ComTek International, Inc. is a developer and integrator of comprehensive communications and data integration solutions. ComTek’s expertise resides in the design, development, implementation, and support of distributed software to meet today’s business requirements. ComTek’s computer telephony products are installed with several Fortune 500 companies, including MCI, GE and J.D. Edwards, in addition to many smaller businesses. ComTek International Inc. is a privately held corporation. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the company at (303) 985-9808 or via the Internet at www.comtek-intl.com

About J.D. Edwards

J.D. Edwards provides Idea to Action software for managing the enterprise and supply chain. The Company’s integrated applications give customers control over their front office, manufacturing, logistics/distribution, human resources and finance processes for the consumer products, industrial and services industries. J.D. Edwards enables Idea to Action with ActivEra, a collection of tools and technologies that extend the J.D. Edwards SCOREX and AIMX supply chain solutions and OneWorld and WorldSoftware enterprise business software. ActivEra allows customers to change their enterprise software quickly and easily during and after implementation. The Company’s solutions operate in multiple computing environments, including Windows NT®, UNIX® and OS/400®, and are Java and HTML enabled.

Founded in 1977, J.D. Edwards is headquartered in Denver and posted fiscal 1998 revenues of $934 million. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Company at 1-800-727-5333 or via the Internet at www.jdedwards.com.

For a description at JD Edwards web site.


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