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IVR Development

IVR Development
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Interactive Voice Response Development

ComTek International Inc. develops Interactive Voice Response systems on various platforms.

An Interactive Voice Response System is designed to automate a wide range of services and data requests. Customers, potential customers, and employees can call into your organization or department, using a touch-tone telephone. A caller can ask questions, and make requests for information which can be instantly responded to, through voice, fax back, call back, pager or e-mail back. More sophisticated IVR solutions allow the user to manipulate and modify data that resides on a computer.  Some of these solutions include:

        Account balances and transfers 

        Account payments  

        Benefits Enrollment 

        Marketing surveys  

        Order entry and processing 

        Personnel screening and recruiting  

        Scheduled Outcalling 

        Speech Recognition 

        Time scheduling  


How it works

ComTek works with the customer to understand the specific requirements to meet the demands of the application. A scope of work is developed that will outline the projected application, timelines to development, other resources required if any apply, and finally budgetary pricing. Upon acceptance of the scope of work, ComTek’s IVR specialists will meet with the customer to develop a thorough design specification for the application or modification. Once the application/modifications have been documented, ComTek will provide the customer with a firm fixed price for the work to be done. Any deviations from the original budgetary estimate will be documented. ComTek’s standard turnaround for new script development is 30 days.

ComTek will also work on a time and materials base for maintenance of existing application and other customer needs.

Complete Solution

  • Customized Planning and Design for your organization

  • Customized application development  

  •  Database access and design 

  • Turn-key Hardware Integration 

  • System administration and monitoring 

  • 24 hour a day support 


  •  Industry Standard Components 

  • Scalable Architecture 

  • Turnkey Customized Solution to meet your specific needs 

  •  Easy to maintain  

  • 24 hour access for your customers to interact with you

For more information:

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