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Computer Telephony Integration System

The center point of the call center’s expanded capabilities. This provides the foundation for enhanced capabilities in the call center. CTIS allows for the following:

  • Screen Pop: Distribute caller information collected from the IVR and ACD/PBX to the agent.
  • Skills Based Routing: Provide call routing based on information collected within the IVR and HOST.
  • Event Tracking: Track all call events for each call passing through the switch.
  • Workstation Telephony: Provide the ability to control all telephony operations from the agents workstation.
  • "Wiring Harness" for the call center.

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How it works

CTIS™ receives notification of all call events for all calls passing through the switch via the switch CTI link. CTIS™ starts a call record for each call and appends all call events to this record. CTIS™ receives all IVR collected information for each call handled by the IVR. CTIS™ uses this information to fetch the customer information from the host. CTIS™ analyzes the customer information received from the switch, IVR and Host, matches this information to the agent skill set and determines an agent or agent queue best equipped to handle the call. CTIS™ then instructs the switch to route the call to the correct agent or queue.

Once the switch has routed the call, CTIS™ receives notification of the agent receiving the call. CTIS™ then sends a message over the network to the agent workstation containing the caller information. This information is collected by the CTIS™ client on the agent workstation and is made available to the agent application.

Key Benefits

  • Shave seconds from each call. This results in direct, hard dollar savings from both Agent time and Network costs. Applications typically pay back in less than a year.
  • Provide better customer service.
  • Customers feel a stronger relationship with the company

For more information:

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