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The CPS-4

The CPS-4
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4 Port Analog Interactive Voice Response

ComTek’s 4 port Call Processing System (CPS-4ä) provides a medium capacity platform at a VERY low price for customers requiring only the call processing power to handle medium volumes of traffic.

  The CPS-4 is ComTek’s entry level IVR (Interactive Voice Response).  Designed for companies needing to provide a call processing front end for a call center or work group, the CPS-4 is a “right sized” winner for directing your call traffic.

A CPS-4 will handle a peak volume of 50 calls per hour of an average duration of 30 seconds (remember, the duration is not how long YOU talk to them, but, how long the CPS talks to the caller).  The CPS-4 comes standard with attachments for 4 analog telephone lines (an analog line is just a regular telephone line, like most people have in their homes).  The telephone lines may be used for either answering calls or making calls or in any combination.  The architecture is DSP based (so that it does not use a lot of computer horsepower). By simply adding additional cards (a field upgrade which can be done by the customer) the CPS-4 can scale up to 20 phone lines (ports) in a single platform.  If you need MORE than 20 ports try the CPS-24ä or CPS-48ä!


  • On site assistance in application design  

  • 24 x 7 telephone support, 4 hour on site available most locations. 

  • Easy to maintain and upgrade 

  • Industry Standard Components & Scalable Architecture

For more information:

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