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24 Port Digital Interactive Voice Response

ComTek’s 24 port Call Processing System (CPS-24ä) provides a high capacity platform for customers requiring the call processing power to handle high volumes of customer calls.

  The CPS-24 is ComTek’s mid level entry.  Designed for companies needing to provide a call routing front end for a call center or an on line information service.  The CPS-24 is a robust workhorse in a customer service environment.

A CPS-24 will handle a peak volume of 725 calls per hour of an average duration of 1 minute!  The CPS-24 comes standard with an attachment for a T1 or E1.  The channels of the T1 or E1 may be used for either answering calls or making calls or in any combination.  The architecture is DSP based and fully non-blocking. By simply adding additional cards (a field upgrade which can be done by the customer) the CPS-24 can scale up to 72 ports in a single platform.  Multiple CPS-24’s can be linked together to provide theoretically unlimited capacity at a given site (but, you may wish to move up to our CPS-48, rack mountable IVR).


  •  On site assistance in application design  

  • 24 x 7 telephone support, 4 hour on site available most locations. 

  • Easy to maintain and upgrade 

  • Industry Standard Components & Scalable Architecture


For more information:

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