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IVR Systems
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IVR Systems
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Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems

  Text Box:  ComTek’s Interactive Call Processing System (CPSä) provides a VERY cost effective solution for companies requiring Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions.  ComTek International, Inc. is your “One Stop Shop” for Interactive Voice Response.

The Interactive Information System with IVR will automate a wide range of services and data requests. Customers, potential customers, and employees can call or e-mail your organization or department, using a touch-tone telephone. A caller can ask questions and request information and receive an instant response through voice, fax back, call back, pager or e-mail. Sophisticated IVR solutions allow the user to manipulate and modify data that resides on a computer.  Some of these solutions include:


On Line Banking 

Benefits Enrollment  

Inventory availability and ordering  

Marketing surveys 

Order entry and processing 

Personnel screening and recruiting 

Scheduled Outcalling 

Speech Recognition 

ComTek works with you, the customer, to ensure your satisfaction.  When you order a CPS system from ComTek we send a skilled designer out to your site to work with you to design your application.  We then return to our lab to build and thoroughly test your application.  Once your system is 100% functional we deliver and install your application and equipment.  We remain at your location until you are happy with the operation of the application and the hardware.

Sound like a lengthy process?  Not at all!  We can offer system delivery times as short as three weeks from initial order to production ready.

ComTek provides three base models of IVR systems:

CPS-48          48 port digital system.  Supports two T1 attachments.

CPS-24          24 port digital system.  Supports one T1 attachment.

CPS-4            4 port analog system.  Supports 4 analog lines.

The CPS product line is available both in the standard configurations shown above and in custom configurations ranging from 2 analog ports up to 144 digital ports.  All CPS systems are easily field upgradable and use the Microsoft Windows NT operating system for ease of customer maintenance.

How it works

The CPS is connected to a PBX or Centrex service your site.  Calls are “received” by the IVR and the caller is directed for the next step.  The caller will utilize a brief series of key presses on a touch-tone phone or with voice recognition; the caller may optionally speak the selections when prompted. 

The Interactive Information System with IVR may be connected to the organization’s data processing systems to provide virtually any information or operation that you wish to make available.  As an example, callers may move money between accounts, make withdrawals, enroll in a benefits plan or hear your hours, locations and mailing address.

All systems include the following administrative interfaces:

  • Designation of business hours.
  • View activity on all lines.
  • Change voice prompts interactively.


  • On site assistance in application design available 
  • 24 x 7 telephone support, 4 hour on site available most locations. 
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade 
  • Industry Standard Components & Scalable Architecture
  • Open standards based Interactive Voice Response Systems
  • Provide better personalized customer service.
  • Simple customer administration

For more information:

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