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Digital Voice Logging Systems 

Text Box:  ComTek’s Digital Voice Logging Systems are the most scalable and open systems provided within the industry.  With MORE than 50,000 hours of hard disk voice storage available, ComTek’s Digital Voice Logging systems are unparalleled in the industry.  Scaleable from one to thousands of recording stations, ComTek’s logging systems provide open voice storage, using the industry standard WAV format.

Three Target Tasks - Three Systems

Voice logging is required in a large variety of environments.  We’ve narrowed the tasks typically addressed in Call Centers and Trading Floors to three and built systems to address those environments:
  • Voice Verification Recorder –VVR - Occasional recording for a large number of people – This type of task may require access to the recording hardware for a small percentage of the users at any one time, but, require potential access for all users.  For this type of task we provide the Voice Verification Recorder

    • Why wire every workstation when your agents record only 10% of the time they are on the phone?  The VVR supports large numbers of agents with a surprisingly small number of ports.

  • Total Call Recorder – TCR - Continuous recording for any all users – This type of task requires simultaneous recording of all users at the same time.  Users may be on different phone systems, on an inbound or outbound call or on any trunk that comes into the building.  The TCR is used when you need to ensure that you have the capability of recording EVERY call for ANY user on the floor.
  • Network Call Recorder – NCRContinuous recording for a set of dedicated users on specific trunks.  The NCR sits between your switch and the outside network providing transparent access to your call center from the network and offering the ability to record every call to the agents on the dedicated trunks.  The NCR does not require any wiring at the agent workstation.

Playback Stations

Other systems provide only a limited number of playback stations.  With ComTek’s Voice Logging Systems you may have an unlimited number of playback stations.  You may play back recordings from any workstation with access to your LAN, or from any telephone. All Logging systems are based on Windows NT and Microsoft SQL Server.  All Voice is stored as WAV files; no proprietary storage formats to deal with.

All ComTek Voice Recording Systems may be activated from within your applications via our API.  We will provide you with standard windows libraries that may be called from most major development tools (including, Visual Basic and Visual C++).

For more information:

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