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Application Generation Environment


AGE is the fastest and easiest way to build voice applications. ComTek announces AGE (Application Generation Environment) version 2.1.

ComTek's AGE™ tool allows users to quickly and easily build Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications for Dialogic® based equipment (such as ComTek's CPS product line).

AGE supports two languages, currently English & Spanish.  Additional languages may be supported on a custom basis, simply contact ComTek.

AGE allows you to quickly create and deploy IVR Applications such as:

  • Voice Mail Systems
  • Survey Systems
  • Help Desk Hot Lines
  • Credit Card Validation
  • Account Balance Delivery
  • On Line Order Status and Delivery
  • Pager Notification Systems

AGE allows you to design your IVR applications on any Windows ME/NT/2000 machine (XP Certification Pending) and deploy on a production IVR.

Best of All, AGE is FREE!

Unlike other IVR companies, we do not charge you a single cent for your IVR development environment.  We charge only for the AGE runtime companion RAGE™ (Runtime AGE).

RAGE is a ComTek application which runs on your production equipment using Dialogic® boards.  RAGE can support as few as two telephone lines on the production equipment (Using a two line Dialogic card) or as many as 96/120 lines 4 T1 or E1 Lines.  Multiple production platforms may be linked together to support virtually unlimited expansion.

AGE Has full support for variables and a rich set of system variables.  The system variables include information on the current state of the system.  These include:

  • ANI & CallerID - The phone number of the Caller
  • DNIS - The number called to reach the IVR
  • Current Date - The Current Date
  • Current Time - The Current Time
  • DialResult - The result of a dial, such as BUSY, ANSWERED, etc.
  • Language - The Language currently in use.