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Application Generation Environment


Sample Application

Credit Card Payment

The Credit Card Payment application is an example of an application which greets the customer, Requests a customer ID number, Validates the ID Number (which is in a TXT file at the root level of the C Drive).  If the ID Is Valid, the app requests an amount of payment from the customer and verifies the amount.  It then requests a Credit Card Number from the customer and an expiration date.  It plays back the card number and date for confirmation.  If they are confirmed, it saves the credit card number and expiration date in a file on the disk for manual input by your staff at a later date.

The application could be tied into a credit card validation service (such as ICVerify®), but, this is beyond the scope of this example.  If you would like automatic on line validation, you could write a function call in Visual Basic or Visual C++ to integrate with your Credit Card validation package.  Alternatively, you could contract with ComTek to construct this routine for you.

The Sample application is included with the AGE package and is in a directory under the directory you installed AGE into called "Samples".  The name of the sample is: "CCPayment".

A Screen Shot of the AGE Application with the CCPayment Application loaded is shown below: