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Application Generation Environment



Age has an Object Oriented, Graphic User Interface (OO-GUI) which is used to develop IVR Applications.  You simply put the objects you wish to have in your call flow (a set of actions the computer takes to handle an individual call) onto the work area and connect them in the order you want them to happen in.

AGE also supports multiple languages!  Making it easy to have a call flow provide information in more than one Language.

AGE comes with a WAV file editor.  Our WaveEdit™ control allows you to record, edit and play all of your voice segments while constructing your call flow.  There is no need for additional voice recording software.

AGE supports the following objects:

  • Answer - Answers the phone
  • Dial - Dials a phone number
  • Play - Plays a voice segment
  • Record - Records what the caller says into a file
  • Menu - Allows a caller to make a choice using the telephone keypad.
  • Collect - Allows a caller to enter a set of digits from the telephone keypad
  • Function Call - Allows you to call a custom function to process information which the caller has input.  Perhaps to store information in a database or get information from a database.
  • Test - Compare two variables and branch depending on the outcome.
  • Report - Output information to a file on disk in the format you define
  • Confirm - Play information back to the caller as a Date, Time, Digits, Number or Currency.
  • Assign - Preform a calculation with a Variable and assign the result to yet another variable.
  • Transfer - Transfer the call to another location
  • Disconnect - Hang up the phone

AGE Has full support for variables and a rich set of system variables.  The system variables include information on the current state of the system.  These include:

  • ANI & CallerID - The phone number of the Caller
  • DNIS - The number called to reach the IVR
  • Current Date - The Current Date
  • Current Time - The Current Time
  • DialResult - The result of a dial, such as BUSY, ANSWERED, etc.
  • Language - The Language currently in use.